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About Kimberly Gray

Kimberly has worked in the Long Term Care industry for the past 20 years. Her most recent position of 6 years being a Regional Business Manager/Medicaid Specialist, overseeing 6 Nursing Facility Business Offices. During this time she ensured that all of the Business Office Managers filed Medicaid applications timely and offered guidance and training's for difficult cases.  She has worked closely with the 4 Medicaid Offices in Massachusetts and has filed over 1,000 Medicaid applications. She is not an attorney,  and If she feels that you may need an attorney she can place you in contact with someone who may be able to assist you.

 Kimberly decided to go into business on her own as she enjoys assisting the elderly and wants to put all of her energy into helping you or your love one obtain benefits. She wants to help ease the stress that she has seen on families and facilities while trying to obtain coverage. 

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